Jen's Jesus Journey, Poetry

My Best Friend

When no one saw the tears I cried, God’s hand wiped the tears dry.   When no arms reached out to hold, God’s arms were tight to enfold.   When loyal friends could not be hailed, God’s promise to remain never failed.   God’s shoulders have felt my tears, And God’s ears have known my… Read More My Best Friend

Jen's Jesus Journey


When I praise God it takes my eyes off of my situation and places them on the majesty, beauty and supremacy of an omnipotent God… sometimes I need to position myself in a different way before him. I see the mountains in Albuquerque every day, but when I change my position and my proximity to the mountains, I am reminded of their magnitude… praise can position our hearts to place Father God into the foreground of our thoughts and our considerations.… Read More Praise

Jen's Jesus Journey

Encountering Jesus

I pondered what I could give King Jesus as a gift. I have no song to gift, what can I give him? I’ll give him my heart I thought. In my mind’s eye, I placed my heart on an altar to the Lord Jesus. I had an experience of the Lord Jesus for a day where his presence was so tangible I could clearly speak to him in conversation. It was incredible and beautiful and life-changing.… Read More Encountering Jesus