A vow to God is a commitment we will not break,
A standard of tenacity we refuse to forsake,
A promise of love we decide to make,
Because we long to live for His Name’s sake.

Each man, each woman, each one in our souls,
Must set a standard and choose our goals,
Decide how far we will believe to rise
To the standard God set for our lives.

From the dull anticipation of what doubt says we can be,
Let us raise our vision to what God said is ours to receive.
Let us be the ones to give our whole soul,
Because we deem it necessary to reach the desired goal.

A commitment to never lessen, to continue to strive
Will become branded upon the pattern of our lives.
We’ll set our face like flint, refuse to diminish,
Till we run our course all the way to the finish.

We declare a fast and refuse to quit,
In pursuit of our Lord, in joy we’re strengthened to persist.
We are seeking always to serve the saints,
To support and strengthen any weak or faint.

A call to service is for those ready to move past boundaries of fear,
For those aching to stand before God, sons and daughters endeared.
When we’d rather lay aside our bland, lackadaisical lives
For the enlightenment that looking upon ourselves only makes us tired.

We find our pleasure now in imitating our Lord,
Discover that in service we are never bored!
We come to find that we yearn to burn bright,
To give our whole endeavor for a serving life!

A call to service means sensing urgency in our times,
It involves stepping up to learn how to hold the line.
In moments of your life do you hear that call?
Do you hear that leaping, beckoning inside crying to give your all?

To serve a greater good than man can conceive,
To hold fast the truth and encourage others to believe?
It’s an elevation inside our very souls,
Beyond gain and senses’ goals.

We labor not in lust of fame or gold,
But for riches beyond what this world holds.
We know a confidence of a fuller joy and mightier reward.
We run towards the prize we know God holds in store.

The Word of Truth makes our vision clear,
Transforms our hearts and what we hold dear.
The aspiration burns strong in our hearts,
To give it all, to hold back not one part.

We make the decision to respond,
To lift our sights and go beyond.
As the desires of the flesh are set aside,
We rise to the call to be ministers, strong and wise!

by Jenne Brown