A Love Letter from Elohim© by Jenne Brown


Can you comprehend the passing of a thousand years?

The comforting of a hundred million fears?

Do you know every thought conceived

By every soul that ever breathed?


Have you planned the design of the galaxies?

Or set a compass in the depths of the seas?

Do you know the currents of the seas and the skies?

The name of each star and where it lies?


Have you measured the water in the hollow of your hand?

Meted out the heaven with the span?

Have you placed the mountains on a scale?

Crafted secrets in treasures of hail?


Have you soared with the eagle in its flight?

Or stood beside a star in heavens ever night?

Have you crossed the chasm between two grains of sand?

Mapped the molecules scattered across the land?


Do you know every tear ever cried

By every soul that lived and died?

Have you ever waited ten thousand years,

Just to speak to someone dear?


Have you memorized the hairs on every head?

Discerned the exact sequence of every word ever said?

Have you heard the melody to every unsung song?

Never committed one single wrong?


Have you watched a hundred thousand children through their ways?

In strength and weakness through thirty thousand days?

Never faltered in truth, never loved one bit less,

Never refused one true, heart-hungry, cry of distress?


It is I, Elohim, who set the calendar of time,

I who allow the sun and moon to shine.

Is there anything I have not known?

Or any place my eyes have not roamed?


A billion things more than your mind can perceive,

I have done for so many more years than you have breathed.

I set myself as the keeper of your soul,

Committed unto you spirit that you might be whole.


Galaxies would burst

Break down barriers of the universe,

Should they try to contain

The love by which you’ve been ordained.

I have cried to you across eternity’s span,

To hail you in mercy and grace through redemption’s plan.


I’ve ensured your every need would be met.

Not one promise of a thousand shall I forget.

The goal I have held in mind

Was that when you hunger, there would be food to find;

Yea, when your soul thirsts for comfort, a friend would be near;

When your heart craves truth, there would be answers to hear.


I brought order by the touch of my voice,

Shattered darkness for you to have a choice

To be a companion to the divine,

That you might share your heart with mine.


For the inheritance I have sought

As a reward for all I have wrought

Is the fellowship you impart,

The sweet essence of your heart.


by Jenne Brown