Religion vs Relationship

I think it’s when a part of me disengages and becomes somewhat passive, somewhat detached, going through some motion, thinking I know where I can find God, I think that’s the place it becomes religion. And the things I do aren’t necessarily bad, but they are no longer alive…..I can step out of religious behavior to receive the perfect portion Christ holds for me. Relationship wins over religion every time.

Meeting Mr. Holy Spirit

[Holy Spirit] helps me remember the peanut butter I forgot I needed to pick up at the grocery store. He helps me cook! He gives me recipe ideas, and helps me save a lot of meals from going into the trash!! He tells me … who is safe and who isn’t safe when I’m out and about … He’s given me directions, … he is way more reliable than G.P.S. He’ll tell me which teaching I need to listen to … He helps me know what meal I’ll be happy to eat when I’m ordering at a restaurant. I am telling you, the guy is a genius!!

We’re Here to Support One Another, Not Fix One Another

…when I first heard the Lord say to me that I didn’t have to have the answer for everyone. It intrigued and surprised me. I felt a sense of relief even as I felt the gentle slap of reproof from the Holy Spirit. He wasn’t just letting me off the hook, He was letting all my friends off the hook…