Your Inheritance Scripture

Did you know that your Father God has set aside specific sections of scripture for you individually? God gives each of us certain sections of scripture for us to fully experience. All the scripture is ours, undoubtedly. Yet, different lives take different courses, and for whatever course our life takes, there can be specific sections of scripture that will resonate deeply with us to help and encourage us in our lives, in our walk with the Lord.

Redeemed from the Destruction of Depression, or Seven Years Since the Psych Ward

Thanksgiving 2011 was the last time I checked myself into the psychiatric ward. Seven years. I’ve come a long way since then. Everything started to turn that December. But today a friend shared about a scene from a show where a girl entered the hospital due to a suicide attempt and how in the show …

My Little Bit of Faith & This Mountain Piece of Chocolate Cake

I felt the Lord say to me, that what I did in talking about cleaning up my diet and getting more proactive on an exercise regime, was just the same thing as my ex did when he talked about quitting coke. My ex never really meant it, he never actually meant to go through with getting clean. And the Holy Spirit completely called me out that all I was doing with my talk of cleaning up my diet and increasing exercise was only a weak-hearted attempt at exorcising my guilt.

Darkness & Light by Jenne Brown ©

In hours between dusk and dawn When minds are weary and drawn, When souls are meant for sleeping Crackling light comes streaking. Illuminating dreams with eerie shadows, Pounding sounds of battle’s bellow.   Too soon a banshee shrieking Bursts upon my slumber, seeking Entrance into my unfocused state, As impoverished senses strive awake To find …