Have you noticed that the familiarity of your dysfunctional life is easier to stay in than to step out into the change that God has called you to?

Unknown future

You don’t necessarily like what is holding you but it’s comfortable. You know that God has greater things for your life but living it is scary and uncomfortable.

It took a 2 year affair for me to realize that the relationship with my husband was dysfunctional. While I knew that he couldn’t change overnight and that his empty promises were nothing more than EMPTY, I just couldn’t let go. We had been together for 13 years, so it was comfortable. I was frustrated, I was being hurt continually but still, I couldn’t let it go.

It took most of those two years for me to step out into the scary unknown world that God was calling me to. It took the most unbearable pain for me to finally decide that the unknown future was better than my comfortable dysfunction.

Once I stepped out in faith and let my marriage and my husband go into God’s hands, THAT is when the magic happened. That is when I realized that it was the best thing I could have ever done! I can trust God, he wants good for me and leaving that heavy weight on his shoulders made my life so much more bearable… enjoyable even!

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No lie, blessing after blessing after blessing just started pouring down once I let it all go. A perfect job beyond my imagination came through, the perfect house IN my kids school district fell into my lap, a reliable car came through in the perfect timing… I felt joy again, my heart began to heal!

After a lot of bitterness, anger and hate, I was finally able to forgive my husband and his mistress. That was so freeing. I was no longer weighed down by those ugly feelings.

victory recovery

Now I look towards my future with joy and anticipation, knowing that God has good things for me. Yes, sometimes it’s scary but God didn’t give me a spirit of fear but of POWER, love and a sound mind.

So I can step out on those things that scare me, knowing that God is holding me through it all. And you know what? Those things are never as scary as they seemed in my mind and the sense of accomplishment after you step out and do them is beyond worth it.

Have FAITH, this change is for GOOD and change doesn’t happen inside your comfort zone. Doing GREAT things for Christ doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. Step out of your comfort zone with the confidence of knowing that God has gone ahead of you and prepared the way!