Hey, There!
I’m Destinee.

I am so happy that you’re here! She Rises Up has been a project of mine since I was a married, stay-at-home, homeschooling mom in 2012.

Things took a bit of a turn when my marriage fell apart in 2015. But, I can look back now and thank God for those days that I deemed the hardest time of my life. Though painful, it freed me from the dysfunction I was a prisoner to for over a decade. 

During this time, I also realized that She Rises Up was never meant to be a homeschool mom blog. God knew the whole time that it would be a place to encourage and support women who are rising out of their own dysfunction and abuse. 

God has called me to be a voice for women who feel unheard, women who have been revictimized by the, sometimes well-meaning, church, and women who are stuck in the confusion of an emotionally destructive relationship. 

Destinee Solano

My Mission

“To advocate for and validate the woman who is struggling through a toxic, abusive relationship. To show her that there is a God who loves her more than to leave her under the oppression of abuse and to support her as the church should.”