Scripture describes a time after this life when we will receive rewards for our faithfulness in this life. I find this comforting and exciting to consider. In addition to eternal life, there are eternal rewards and this poem is about using that future reward as a current motivator. Much Love, Jenne


We reside in a world of sin,

With a soul that Christ cleansed.

We have an enemy who daily strives

To steal our confidence and ruin our lives.


We’ve been justified

By the faith of Jesus Christ.

Washed by his righteous stripes,

We rejoice in hope, embracing life.


When the anger is unfurled

From the god of this world,

We stay our minds against senses convictions,

To boast of God in contradiction.


We sense strain and struggle,

Tugs that tempt us to tumble.

We draw close to the Word,

Reminding ourselves God’s Truth is sure.


At times our heart yearns to turn and run,

We hold our soul in opposition,

To face the ugly terrors of the night.

We stand. We move. We fight!


For our basis of boasting far exceeds

The tribulations we receive.

More real than flesh we wear on our bones

Is the Word God gave us as our own.


We receive the endurance we need,

When we take the Word’s statutes to heed.

So, we prove God to be just and true,

Steadfast to His standard, steadfastly unmoved.


The Father gave us an evidence to assure,

A token of truth to help us endure.

There is a truth seeped in our souls,

That his Son will return to rule.


In the stark face of frailty and frustration,

We draw our eyes to our future elation.

The glass we peer through can seem mighty dim,

Still we know, God has enabled us to win!


When the destroyer leaves us feeling rocked and shaken,

We love the hope by standing in retaliation!

For this competition we steel our souls

With the Hope of being perfectly whole.


This fight we did not choose,

But choose to fight – That we do!

God has fully equipped us for this fight

Evil cannot withstand true light.


To Satan’s devices we stand in defiance

For we know we have the final triumph.

This conflict is worth our time –

We will to hold our minds!


Faster than the light can leave the eye

We shall be gathered together in the sky.

We revel in taking on this – our appointed day,

Looking toward His coming, to our carrying away!


by Jenne Brown