Forever moments I once believed

Would always nurture my memory,

Now are pieces broken in time,

Whose design I try to reassign

For the memories of my mind

With reality no longer align.


Lovers and friends so treasured

Have not weathered

The trials and strife

On the open sea of life


Forever moments that have come and gone

Forever moments you weren’t what I thought you’d be

Forever moments the love is gone

Forever moments are still here with me

So many moments I thought we’d remember together


But you’ve left behind

Nothing more than memories of the mind


How could we be so close

Share so much

And have nothing left?

But pictures of the soul

Don’t you know you’ve left a hole

Inside of me?


Silly remembrances

That should bear no weight

Still plague my heart

For the part

That’s lost
So many precious yesterdays remain

As bewildered witnesses fumbling to explain

How the landscape we built

Has crumbled and turned to wilt.


If only I knew how to let go

All the mind’s mementos,

Knew how to dissect the pain

So that the tenderness remained.


But the hurts I once thought would break me

Have instead strengthened and shaped me.

And sorrow is shallow found

In tomorrow’s hallowed ground.