God Could Be A Cowboy Too ©

by Jenne Brown


One night when my soul was achin’,

When I felt alone and all forsaken,

When God seemed too far to reach

With my common ways and simple speech,

I thought I heard God say to me:

Honey, I’m the kinda’ God you need me to be.”


The kinda’ God who would wink

With a gleam of lovin’ humor in his eye.

And it got me to think,

Who knows…maybe God has some cowboy inside.

Sure, God probably don’t wear leather chaps

With some great big ol’ cowboy hat.


But He did make all those huge, open plains

With the heavens to bring down sunshine and rain.

And it helps the cowboy when the moon shines real bright,

Like God made it do on lots of nights.

And He made the rivers with shallow spots,

So the cowboy could get across.


He gave us horses and cows and all sorts of things,

So the cowboy could make a living.

Now, cowboys ain’t all perfect, I know,

(The way God meant ‘em to be.)

But there’s something about the paths a cowboy goes

Appealing to me.


In a world of high-tech and fast paces,

I like the thought of country skies and wide open places.

And I paint a picture in my mind,

Of cowboys at eventime,

Gatherin’ ‘round a fire in the night,

Where the stars and the moon and the fire are the only light.


And I can hear their rough voices,

And all the nighttime noises.

And these thoughts of warm firelight,

Or a fiddle as it plays in the night,

Sorta’ set my soul at ease –

Like a soft, country breeze.


And in my own simple way, I can believe

When I get to heaven someday,

God will have waiting for me

Faded blue jeans, just my size, tucked away

Aside a pair of well-worn cowboy boots.

(To heck with the stiff city suits!)



I know maybe it all sounds a little silly for me to think

Of God in leather chaps wearing a cowboy’s wink,

But even if it’s just for me,

It helps me love God that much more, this imagery.

Because there’s all kinds of people, in all different walks,

But it’s the same God who reaches out and knows all our talks.


And He’s a God with a heart that’s big enough

To be able to reach out to each one of us.

And so, I don’t mean to belittle God with our man-made ways,

But it does help me at times, when I go to pray,

To know – it just might be true,

God Could Be A Cowboy Too!