Grandpa & Grandma Memories

 by Jenne Brown

(On the occasion of & In Celebration of 58 Years of Marriage)


Grandpa and Grandma are sunshine memories

Of Kentucky trails deep in woods and leaves,

Of weekend trips and summer vacations,

Of watermelon by an old railroad station,


Of a candy bar and soda pop kitchen stocked.

Grandpa’s medals and Grandma’s rocks.

As a child that house to me

Was always an adventure waiting to be.


There was always another corner, another place to look,

And who can forget hours and hours of rook!

Where the cousins rode the barrels up the grassy way,

And knew we’d join the circus one day!


Where we built forts and climbed trees

And dreamed of all we’d one day be.

Where school and chores were put away

And all the world was meant for play!


Lessons and learning were there for us too,

But disguised in trips and fun so never we knew!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that,

But lots of good times and lots of laughs!


Thanks, Grandpa for teaching me

To know the difference between the trees.

And thanks for all the marshmallow roasting fires

Set deep in the midst of cricket choirs.


The memories run into pages and years,

Good times and bad times, smiles and tears.

Most of all I’ll remember Grandma bringing more eats –

To consume it all would have been a feat!


Grandpa’s garage where play was set aside

Will intrigue me until the day I die!

Grandma laughing until she cried,

And Grandpa smiling as he sat by.


Thanks for all the things a child forgets to say

And as adults we get too busy, too far away.

I love you and the memories you gave.

Memories that time and distance can’t take away!


My grandparents house was an old railroad station that they had added onto and expanded over the years.  Rook was a card game that my mother’s family played. My grandfather was a mechanic with a garage full of nuts and bolts and hundred of items all with a place, all meticulously in order. My grandmother loved to collect rocks that she saw “pictures” in. She had one that looked so much like a face that she glued googly eyes on it. 🙂 They owned land in the neighboring state of Kentucky where the aunts, uncles and cousins went for many a vacation.