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Hopeless, Broken and Completely Alone, But God…

Let me tell you a little something about how hopeless I was just a little over a year ago.

I had spent 4 years at home with my kids, homeschooling them. Every material thing I had was because of the career my husband had.  At this time, he was being inconsistent and living a double life all because of an affair with another woman.

I had a new 4 month old baby, lived in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with four kids, had no money of my own, no car of my own, and no jobs were coming through. My husband was spending most nights at his new lover’s house. I felt SO hopeless.

After the last job that I was about to be hired onto fell through I remember being SO MAD at God, asking him, “How am I supposed to leave if you won’t provide the job!?” I had talked to my friend (and blogging partner) Jenne, and shared how frustrated I was. I didn’t understand why God wasn’t providing my job.

But God knew if I was just a little more patient, he had something better. His timing was not mine. Just weeks later he provided me with flexible self employment that afforded me the opportunity to stay home with my youngest boys, be available for any and all school events and appointments and work part time hours BUT provided full time pay.

He provided me with a house big enough for 4 kids in the perfect timing and a reliable car with a warranty. This was beyond anything that I could have ever dreamed of! I had prayed for a daycare that would love my boys as my own… Who better than me? I had prayed for the perfect job so I could be here for my kids. What’s better than working from home??

Yet, even better than the materialistic stuff… He healed my heart, he gave me my joy back, he showed me how to be independent, he showed me what I was worth and how to stand up for myself… Things money could never buy. I spent months in awe of God. Part of me thought, this is too good to be true, I better not get too excited, it could end at any time. Single moms don’t get to live like this…

But here I am, still living this dream. God IS SO GOOD! In just ONE year God rocked my world! He has something for you too, something beyond imagination. Trust in him, follow his will, keep doing good no matter what other people are doing, God’s got you!

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