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I Trust You God – But Where’s My Rent? (Part Six)

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I was given bag after bag after bag of gorgeous, mint-condition clothes, coats and accessories from an acquaintance I made.

I tell you just writing all of this and editing it, now that there is a little more time and distance from these scenarios,  I’m even more amazed at all God did for me and also that I survived! Part of me is in awe and part of me still feels slightly traumatized from some of the experiences. Times with the Lord can be like a roller coaster with highs and lows!

And there were many, many times that I didn’t know where my rent was coming from. That Friday night when I came home to a phone call before the long Fourth of July weekend to be told that my work assignment was over, I responded by walking into my unfurnished living room, lifting my arms and my voice to praise God.

I didn’t praise God because I was happy, but to show my confidence in His supply and to stand in defiance to the negative emotions that stood eager to consume me.

My friend treated me to two new outfits for my brother’s wedding and rehearsal dinner. Prior to getting on the plane, she handed me a cash gift that helped with incidental travel expenses.

The rent during those times came through differently, but it was only the last time that I asked my parents for help.  Every other time, it worked out different ways, different people offered me help without me asking. It usually moved me to ugly cry when loving friends stepped in to help me out as I did my best. I prayed and praised and wept a lot – before and AFTER the answers came. I actually wailed with joy when I received my food benefit for the first time. It was so much more than I had been living on for a long time. It was so abundant compared to what I’d been getting by on.  I realized then that wailing in joy sounds the same as wailing for sorrow!

My father treated me to a trip to the salon for a trim, highlight and style for my brother’s wedding.

Provision has come a lot of different ways, and they aren’t always obviously supernatural, but I see the hand of God often in helping me. Then there are other times, I never have it on paper or in the bank and I get through. And sometimes I’m eating ramen noodles, but I tell you, often in those places, it’s like the Lord does a work for me on those inexpensive noodles! I have wondered if he did something like that to make manna taste good for the Israelites after so many years and so many meals. Or maybe manna doesn’t need that kind of help.

I used to cry, “God, if you don’t provision me, people will think you didn’t commission me. That was honestly one of my biggest fears coming here to Albuquerque. I felt like I’d flopped so many times before in my life. I believed this time was different, and it has been. It has been gloriously hard and filled with wonderment and weeping in both frustration and jubilation.

Gifted a crock pot with liners.

God has been so glorious and so generous to inspire people to be kind and loving to me. I endeavor to always bring my requests to God. I ask him for help. I do the best I know to do. I endeavor to be wise with my money and my health and seek the Lord’s aid and he inspires people to express goodness to me. I can’t even show it all here. I can’t show all the meals, the concerts, the events, the conferences, the gifts I’ve been showered with by good and giving people.

As I was pulling all these pictures to put into this blog, I kept thinking how I would end the blog by pointing out that the greater gift has been the gifts of friendship. And I do believe that. But then I realized, the greatest gift has been the depth of friendship found with God through all this. Discovering how truly good and faithful God is to his character and his word and his promises to be my supply and my sufficiency. The greatest supply, the greatest provision through these times has been the supply of relationship with the Godhead, the provision of comfort and friendship that I have found in the company of my Father, my Lord and the Holy Spirit.

Praise God, hallelujah, amen.

My first shopping trip with the food benefit. I went a little crazy in the chip aisle! If you look, you can see how I don’t have furniture in the background. Just a lamp on the floor.


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  1. I am inspired l need to be closer to God to experience these supernatural gifts.

    1. Jenne Brown says:

      Thank you Emmily Akevh – be careful what you pray for! It’s amazing to experience God, but I’ve learned it rarely feels the way I anticipated it would. 🙂 Jenne

  2. Hilda Neema says:


    1. Jenne Brown says:

      Thank you 🙂 Jenne

  3. Alice Makungu Odeki says:

    Thank you for trusting God and showing me how to lean on Him.

    1. Jenne Brown says:

      I am so delighted that my experience with the Lord can be a help for you to know how to lean on him in hope and expectant anticipation! Jenne

  4. Imelda M. Lumadede says:

    Praise God,

    I am equally undergoing turbulent times in my life; Many a times I don’t have food in my house that my son and I have to manage with tea and dry slices of bread.

    I pray that the same God who has supernaturally come through to you; manifest his power in my life to the glory and honour of his beautiful name. My rent is due by 5th April 2019 and to say the least; I do not know where this will come from. I trust God to provide supernaturally in Jesus Name Amen!!!

    1. Jenne Brown says:

      Thank you for sharing what you are going through with us. I pray for the God of supply to meet you where you are, to bring supernatural supply to you, to give you hope, insight and courage as you forge forward in expectant anticipation, I pray this through the name above all names, the name of Jesus Christ, the name to which lack, need and poverty must bow and flee. Abundant blessing and I hope and pray for you and your son, in Jesus mighty name. Jenne

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