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Gift of cookware and food.

I saw supernatural provision in many forms my first nine months in Albuquerque. There were several times where food that I was eating simply didn’t deplete. I remember in particular a pack of tortillas that I never seemed to make a dent in and a $1 bottle of soap that I put at the kitchen sink that just never totally ran dry. When I got some extra cash my roommate at the time was so eager to throw the bottle away. She couldn’t believe how the thing lasted six months! And the funny thing about the tortillas pack is that once I had money for more groceries, I started noticing the expiration date stamped right on top of the pack, so I finally tossed the still full pack.

The actual container of ointment that God literally replenished from nothing.

Right about that time, a skin condition around my nose and scalp began to flare up. I was not only out of the medicated ointment, but also out of insurance and cash.  About four months earlier I had tried to get even a drop out of the bottle, but it was bone dry. I started to toss it into the trash, but for reasons I could not explain or understand, I kept the bottle. As the condition worsened, I remembered the bottle, but that remembrance seemed pointless – the bottle was completely empty. Yet, I found it, and applied it to my nose and a drop came out and soothed the irritated skin on my nose. I was so amazed and in awe and grateful for the relief to my red, cracking skin. Over the coming days, I got drop after drop out of the bottle, til I could actually SHAKE the bottle and HEAR the sound of accumulated ointment inside the container. I still have that bottle. I sometimes go shake it to remind myself of this miracle.


One day in that same first nine months in Albuquerque, I was wishing for some fresh apples. I kid you not that a friend brought so many apple flats to my roommate that she immediately gave about half of them away, because she knew they were far too many for us to eat on our own. We initially kept 3 cardboard flats, but ended up still giving another flat away and in the end never did eat all the apples.

Later, after I was living on my own, when I had no money for toilet paper or shampoo, a gal from church spontaneously shared  $43 she had earned at her garage sale off of items she’d been given for free. She said the Lord told her to give it to me. She seemed a bit shocked when I broke down sobbing.  Shampoo and toilet paper – those are bare minimum sort of necessities, you know? It’s years later, but I still don’t take those things for granted!


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Gifts of Quinoa and Honey 🙂