Hi, I’m Jenne, pronounced like Jenny. I’m an editor and author for She Rises Up. I had briefly begun my own blog site, entitled “Jen’s Jesus Journey” before meeting Destinee, and deciding to team up together on our blogging adventure!

I’m an Ohio native, though as an adult I have lived in Montana, Colorado, Virginia & Alabama (and Ohio in between!) before relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2015.



I love spending time gabbing with my friends over grub either at a restaurant or something simple but tasty that I whip up at my place. I have really adored doing some day trips around this gorgeous-new-to-me state and look forward to more exploring!

A life-long Christian I feel radically re-energized in my relationship with Christ the last few years, which is what a lot of my blogging is about. I never have been able to much keep quiet about God, and now I feel like I really for realsies just met Jesus!!! Yippee! Here we go – off and running! Read my testimony here!


The Red, Red Rocks near Jemez, New Mexico