I’m Jenne.

I briefly had my own blog, entitled “Jen’s Jesus Journey” before meeting Destinee and deciding to team up on our blogging adventure here at She Rises Up.

I’m an Ohio native, though as an adult I have lived in Montana, Colorado, Virginia & Alabama (and Ohio in between!) before relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2015.

I have loved God since I was a little girl but discovered in my late 30’s that I didn’t know him, despite being a life-long Bible student. I feel radically redeemed and in pursuit of the calling God has placed on my life for the lost, the broken, and those on the fringe.

He has called me to be a Spiritual Mother and a Pioneer – a trailblazer, and an ice-breaking ship. God has designed me to make a way for those who desire to follow and have freedom.

I am so purpose-built, that I struggle in areas where others thrive. Ice-breaking ships can barely sail on open waters.

 I am a worshipper who delights in His presence, a redeemed adventurer for Jesus Christ. I am still exploring all these aspects of my identity and discovering more. Come along for the journey on my blog, Jen’s Jesus Journey and we will travel together!

She Rises Up