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I Trust You God – But Where’s My Rent? (Part Four)

If you missed the previous blog, click here! The summer of 2016 I ran into so many roadblocks financially! I had been working a temporary assignment that began in February and was supposed to become a permanent position. However, so much craziness occurred and the assignment ended after only three months, at the end of …

Jen's Jesus Journey

I Trust You God – But Where’s My Rent? (Part Three)

If you missed the previous blog, click here! I saw supernatural provision in many forms my first nine months in Albuquerque. There were several times where food that I was eating simply didn’t deplete. I remember in particular a pack of tortillas that I never seemed to make a dent in and a $1 bottle …

Jen's Jesus Journey

Your Inheritance Scripture

Did you know that your Father God has set aside specific sections of scripture for you individually? God gives each of us certain sections of scripture for us to fully experience. All the scripture is ours, undoubtedly. Yet, different lives take different courses, and for whatever course our life takes, there can be specific sections of scripture that will resonate deeply with us to help and encourage us in our lives, in our walk with the Lord.

Jen's Jesus Journey

Redeemed from the Destruction of Depression, or Seven Years Since the Psych Ward

Thanksgiving 2011 was the last time I checked myself into the psychiatric ward. Seven years. I’ve come a long way since then. Everything started to turn that December. But today a friend shared about a scene from a show where a girl entered the hospital due to a suicide attempt and how in the show …

Destinee's Devotionals

Thanksgiving: Fighting to Find Something to be Thankful For

Have you ever felt like you were fighting to find something to be thankful for? We have all failed in appreciating God as we should. The fall of man came when Adam and Eve became unsatisfied with all that God had given them. Eve allowed the whispering of the serpent to put doubts in her …