The greatest view

I ever knew

Was a thousand different places

A thousand different times.

Snapshots of awe frozen in my mind.


When the beauty of land and sky

Would touch the heart of my carnal eye.

The emotions stirred within my soul

Are harbored now for my heart to extol.


There was a dawn I once knew

As I stood wrapped in a blanket,

Barefoot in the dew.

A dawn I met and made my friend,

For I stayed from start to end.


And once when it was late,

I ran  outside

When the storms had brewed at eventide,

There I encountered the sky,

When it was ten million miles high.


Layered in shades of light and dark,

Cruel and gentle, soft and stark;

Sheets of black and billows of rose.

So that I stumbled to a halt as my heart froze.


Humbled by the portrayal I beheld,

And the emotions I felt.

Wind tugged and pulled, but I refused to go,

Until dark and cold signaled the end of the show.


So many moments caught in my mind,

So many places, so many times.

Portraits of time

Held captive in my mind.

On canvas or picture I have no reminder of my favorite view,

For the pictures in my heart hold far more true.


by Jenne Brown