She has been knocked down quite a few times.

She has lost sight of the joys along this climb.

She dusts off her knees and finds the courage to RISE.

She looks not to what is seen, but the unseen, opening her spiritual eyes.

And for the first time she feels a glimmer of hope.

And for the first time she feels like she can actually cope.

She is no longer blind to the truth.

The freedom she is living is the undeniable proof.


She is completely forgiven; She is outrageously loved in this life that she’s living.

She is righteous, not because of her works or lack thereof.

But because of HIS work and HIS love.

She is a beloved daughter and lover; She is a warrior, an overcomer.

She is a new creation. The old is gone, the new is HERE.

She is full of power, love and no longer needs to fear.

She is feeling the pressure of the opposition because the enemy knows her capabilities.

Even when she doesn’t see it herself, this spiritual battle is proof of the possibilities.


She is here for a purpose, for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

When she finally steps into HIS will she is able to see all that was amiss.

So she stands up ONE MORE TIME, after being pushed down a dozen.

Though outside her comfort zone, this is her safe place, her rock, her fortress, there’s no discussion.

She is VALUED, she is PRECIOUS, she is CHERISHED, she is NEW.

She is a MASTERPIECE, she is SEEN, she is KNOWN