Snowshine © by Jenne Brown


Leaving my house I became so excited inside

As I took my first step into morning’s outside,

Snow lay heavy on the ground,

Piled up, drifts all around,

But there was a bright, sunny sky,

And that tingle in the air that makes it feel alive.


I stood at the corner outside

On a snow packed street glistening in the abundant light.

Thankful for the winter air without the winter bite.

Surveying the pristine snow scene with new delight.

I turned to thank God in my thoughts

For the creation He so wondrously wrought.


Awed by how everything was pure and clean and white.

Bathed in reflections of light upon light.

And I thought, perhaps for now, in man’s judgment day

Our world is held in winter’s sway,

But God gives his people sunny days

To allow their souls to feel like a child at play.


So many times, in so many ways

God gives us sunshine to enjoy our days.

And God didn’t make winter to last forever.

Another day might always bring warmer weather

And lighter brighter days come as though on borrow,

For spring is always in winter’s tomorrow.


Winter’s gloom that sometimes strikes with storms of snow and ice

Is not truly what God has planned for our lives.

Sun and warmth and beauty are ours to claim

As we stand in a world given over to winter’s bane.

And we hold in our hearts the truth, through this harsh winter’s bite,

That tomorrow’s sky holds the brilliance of light upon light!