Your Inheritance Scripture

Did you know that your Father God has set aside specific sections of scripture for you individually? God gives each of us certain sections of scripture for us to fully experience. All the scripture is ours, undoubtedly. Yet, different lives take different courses, and for whatever course our life takes, there can be specific sections of scripture that will resonate deeply with us to help and encourage us in our lives, in our walk with the Lord.

Thanksgiving: Fighting to Find Something to be Thankful For

Have you ever felt like you were fighting to find something to be thankful for? We have all failed in appreciating God as we should. The fall of man came when Adam and Eve became unsatisfied with all that God had given them. Eve allowed the whispering of the serpent to put doubts in her …


When I praise God it takes my eyes off of my situation and places them on the majesty, beauty and supremacy of an omnipotent God… sometimes I need to position myself in a different way before him. I see the mountains in Albuquerque every day, but when I change my position and my proximity to the mountains, I am reminded of their magnitude… praise can position our hearts to place Father God into the foreground of our thoughts and our considerations.

The Walk Home

….knowing him doesn’t automatically erase the pain and the fright, the trouble and the struggle, but …knowing him makes it more than bearable, …even in the hard places there is beauty found in his presence, in his companionship. Knowing that sometimes the path seems blocked, the way seems uncertain and fraught with peril, but all those things don’t mean God isn’t still in the thick of it all with me.