Encountering Jesus

I pondered what I could give King Jesus as a gift. I have no song to gift, what can I give him? I’ll give him my heart I thought. In my mind’s eye, I placed my heart on an altar to the Lord Jesus. I had an experience of the Lord Jesus for a day where his presence was so tangible I could clearly speak to him in conversation. It was incredible and beautiful and life-changing.

The Walk Home

….knowing him doesn’t automatically erase the pain and the fright, the trouble and the struggle, but …knowing him makes it more than bearable, …even in the hard places there is beauty found in his presence, in his companionship. Knowing that sometimes the path seems blocked, the way seems uncertain and fraught with peril, but all those things don’t mean God isn’t still in the thick of it all with me.

Leaving in the Broad Daylight – Action (Part Two)

Tossing my mattress was another reality check. What was I doing? “God, do you know how much mattresses cost?” I asked. I literally asked God if he’d done this fathering thing before…Talking about trust and believing God and taking a leap of faith is all good and well, but walking it out and putting your mattress into the dumpster is another thing! 

Religion vs Relationship

I think it’s when a part of me disengages and becomes somewhat passive, somewhat detached, going through some motion, thinking I know where I can find God, I think that’s the place it becomes religion. And the things I do aren’t necessarily bad, but they are no longer alive…..I can step out of religious behavior to receive the perfect portion Christ holds for me. Relationship wins over religion every time.