• Jen's Jesus Journey,  Poetry

    Words by Jenne Brown

    Words. They fill my head. Every day. And I’ve given up On trying to record The lines That fill my mind. I see all the colors, And the faces of the people. And the places, The peeks into their souls…

  • Poetry

    A Call to Service by Jenne Brown

    A vow to God is a commitment we will not break, A standard of tenacity we refuse to forsake, A promise of love we decide to make, Because we long to live for His Name’s sake.

  • Poetry

    Grandma & Grandpa Memories by Jenne Brown

    Grandpa & Grandma Memories  by Jenne Brown (On the occasion of & In Celebration of 58 Years of Marriage)   Grandpa and Grandma are sunshine memories Of Kentucky trails deep in woods and leaves, Of weekend trips and summer vacations,…

  • Poetry

    Escape © by Jenne Brown

    Escape © by Jenne Brown   It’s been too long a winter, too long bleak. Memories of sun and green grown weak. In shadows the sun has lurked, For longer than my mind can search.   Too cold and blustery…

  • Poetry

    Forever Moments by Jenne Brown

    Forever moments I once believed Would always nurture my memory, Now are pieces broken in time, Whose design I try to reassign For the memories of my mind With reality no longer align.   Lovers and friends so treasured Have…