The Undoable Thing by Jenne Brown

Every so often I come to the place
Where I say – I’ve got the unsolvable case!
A time when I decide I have found
A problem at which God will astound!
Oh, yes, that one thing
To which even God cannot an answer bring.
That one terrible, unconquerable feat
That my God cannot complete.
Yes, I come across it every DAY or so,
That one thing I just KNOW
Is impossible for even God to do –
It’s happened to you, so you know it’s true –
That thing God cannot do.

Look, I know the Word says God meets my need,
But I have something to which even God must take heed.
It’s monstrous, it’s huge, it can’t be done,
I’ve looked at the odds – this battle can’t be won!
And it’s oh-so-plain for those with eyes to see,
That I have found the thing that cannot be!
Then I remember this little ol’ verse I’ve seen,
It’s Jeremiah 32:17
Ah Lord God! There is nothing too hard for thee!
But God don’t you see?
This undoable thing that just cannot be?
This thing too big for me?
Oh, but what silliness has my mind wrought?
That I thought
That there was some scenario, some case
That I could ever face
That would exceed the boundaries
Of God’s power to me?!

He closed the lions’ mouths,
Ended droughts,
Parted the sea
Setting Israel free,
Made manna fall from the sky,
And ascended Christ upon high!
What thing can I know that defeats
The promise God made to meet
My need?
What thing indeed!
Oh what a mistake I made!
For by God were the heavens and the earth laid!
And really, can I ever find the thing too hard to be done
By a God who placed even the stars and the sun?!
Now, without God I can always find
Something, everything, anything! To put me in a bind,
And yes, there are many, many things I cannot do.
But I just have to move to the truth
And those once impossible feats will become victories of the past
And each day will be filled with triumph as every care to God is cast!